Hikaru IWAKAWA: quena player, composer, music producer


 Hikaru Iwakawa is a musician of extraordinary creativity. 
He is considered as one of the most important Quena players who can bring this instrument beyond the actual horizon.
Also he is a remarkably talented composer of his generation.


 Although trained as a classical (specialized in the baroque / modern music with the recorder) and Latin-American traditional musician, his music incorporates various elements and influences including the folk music of his birthplace, jazz, contemporary, cultural-anthropology, poetry, philosophy, and more. 

 Iwakawa was born in Hirosaki city, Japan, in 1988, before relocating to Tokyo in 2010 and Buenos Aires in 2013 where he currently resides.  

 He began playing the quena at the age of 9 initially through self-taught, and started performing in concerts when he was 12 years old. At the same period, he also studied the baroque / modern recorder; it makes him a very special and unique player of the quena, unlike most players, and permit him to play this flute with fantastic virtuosity, very extensive capability and flexible technique.

 Since 2008, he has traveled to many Latin-American countries like Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, to continue his investigation about the folk music in these countries under the modernizations and the influences from its traditional cultures. After that, under strong influences of these travels and investigations, he realized his own artistic necessity.

 As soloist and with other projects, he has performed in such important festivals in several countries as; "Músicas del Mundo 2011" (Quito, Ecuador), "Festival of music for the 'new' world" (Tokyo, Japan), "Tantanakuy 40años de identidad cultural" (Jujuy, Argentina), "Festival Internacional JAZZ Buenos Aires 2015" (Buenos Aires, Argentina), "Festival Internacional de Quensitas y Músicas Latinoamericanas en Xalapa, México" (Xalapa, México), "SONAMOS LATINOAMERICA", "Tradicionàrius" (Barcelona), etc. And also he has given such international great concert tours in Latin America, Spain, Germany, Belgium and Japan.

 Iwakawa has performed in concerts and recorded with such great artists in the worldwide music scenes as; Dino Saluzzi, Jaime Torres, Ramón Ayala, Jorge Cumbo, Juan Falú, Quique Sinesi, Daniel Mille, Silvia Iriondo, Carlos Moscardini, Carlos Aguirre, Mono Fontana, Carolina Peleritti, Orquesta de Instrumentos Andinos del Ecuador, Nora Sarmoria, Héctor Osaky, Leonardo Bravo, Marcos Fernandes, Sinfonía por el Perú, etc.


 Recently, he has developed new materials for his label and music production “OTONOMADO” founded in 2015. 

 As soloist and band (co-) leader, he recorded many unique albums for “LUCES DE MADRUGADA” (former label produced by himself) and "OTONOMADO" (the actual label) such as “deseo” (2014 / with Quique Sinesi), “primero” (2014 / Hikaru Iwakawa Trio), “amalgama” (2015 / with Serkan Yilmaz), “SOLO”(2016), "SEGUNDO” (2016 / Hikaru Iwakawa Trio), "Futurista Ancestral" (2019), "Tupananchiskama" (2019 / with Shikou Ito), "UTA" (2019 / with Quique Sinesi) and so on. And in May 2017, he recorded "Johann Sebastian BACH : 3 SUITES (BWV1007-1009)" that is the world-premiere recording of these pieces on the quena flute, and was selected as one of the best classical music albums of 2017 by Música Clásica BA.

 In Septemebr 2019, he presented his first film work "Pacha -ametsuchi-" (co-production Japan - Argentina / Directed by Gengoro Mizusumashi).


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