Hikaru IWAKAWA is a musician of extraordinary creativity: one of the most leading Quena players and also remarkably talented composer of his generation.


Born in Hirosaki (Tsugaru region in Japan, in 1988) and trained as a classical (specialized in the baroque & modern recorder, composition and orchestra conducting) and Latin-American traditional musician, his music incorporates various elements and influences including the folk music of his birthplace, jazz, contemporary, cultural-anthropology, poetry, philosophy, etc.

He began playing the Quena at the age of 9 initially through self-taught, and started performing in concerts when he was 12 years old. At the same period, he also studied the baroque / modern recorder; it makes him a very special and unique player of the Quena, unlike most players, and permits him to play this flute with fantastic virtuosity, very extensive capability and flexible technique.

Since 2008, he has traveled to many Latin-American countries like Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia to continue his investigation about the folk music in these countries and then since 2013 has been based in Buenos Aires.

He performs regularly in Latin America, Japan and Europe, and made over 10 albums for his record labels (Luces de Madrugada and OTONOMADO). Additionally he has worked with such great artists as; Dino Saluzzi, Jaime Torres, Ramón Ayala, Jorge Cumbo, Cappella Mediterranea, Juan Falú, Quique Sinesi, Daniel Mille, Silvia Iriondo, Carlos Moscardini, Carlos Aguirre, Mono Fontana, etc. and performed in such important festivals in several countries as; "Músicas del Mundo" (Quito, Ecuador), "Festival of music for the 'new' world" (Tokyo, Japan), "Tantanakuy" (Jujuy, Argentina), "Festival Internacional JAZZ Buenos Aires" (Buenos Aires, Argentina), "Festival Internacional de Quensitas" (Xalapa, México), "SONAMOS LATINOAMERICA", "Tradicionàrius" (Barcelona), etc.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, he always keeps becoming more creative and in 2020 he recorded 2 solo albums; one with the soloist repertories from the baroque era "Baroquena" and the other with newly written compositions by himself "Homenajes", and additionally he opened his workshop for making the Quena, “Cachi”.


In January 2022, he was selected as the representative artist of the month for the "B to C concerts series" in Tokyo Operacity (as a quena player it was for the first time in the history of the theater), and he presented the very successful recital.